I've been waiting to show off Stephanie + Michael's fun wedding with a Cinco De Mayo twist, which is fitting since their wedding took place on May 4th, but I needed to hold my breath until after this great wedding was featured on the Green Wedding Shoes Blog

We had such a lovely day working with Stephanie + Michael and we LOVED the stylist/event planning work of the Amorology Weddings team!!!

ms_wedblog_002.jpgms_wedblog_003.jpgms_wedblog_004.jpgms_wedblog_005.jpgms_wedblog_006.jpgms_wedblog_007.jpgms_wedblog_008.jpgms_wedblog_009.jpgms_wedblog_010.jpgms_wedblog_011.jpgms_wedblog_012.jpgms_wedblog_014.jpgms_wedblog_015.jpgms_wedblog_016.jpgms_wedblog_017.jpgms_wedblog_018.jpgms_wedblog_019.jpgms_wedblog_020.jpgms_wedblog_021.jpgms_wedblog_022.jpgms_wedblog_023.jpgms_wedblog_024.jpgms_wedblog_025.jpgms_wedblog_026.jpgms_wedblog_027.jpgms_wedblog_028.jpgms_wedblog_029.jpgms_wedblog_030.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ms_wedblog_031.jpgms_wedblog_032.jpgms_wedblog_033.jpgms_wedblog_034.jpgms_wedblog_035.jpgms_wedblog_036.jpgms_wedblog_037.jpgMy favorite detail of the day, the seating assignment wall with mini piƱatas!

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canvas print said:
I want that cake. were did you get it from. the photos are so cool.
(09.18.13 08:41 AM)
canvas prints said:
the gold balls and the cake looks lovely. you had such an awesome style at the wedding.
(09.24.13 07:55 AM)
Mawiyah said:
Just found your site - GORGEOUS!!!
(09.26.13 03:45 PM)
Orange County Photographer said:
Your photos are absolutely stunning. I really love your detail shots and the beach photos!
(09.28.13 03:45 PM)
Shelise Murray said:
Stunning! What a beautiful wedding and I just love love love the shot of dad tearing up. You did a beautiful job capturing the love!
(10.01.13 08:49 AM)
Nikolay Mirchev said:
amazing work! love the pictures taken at the beach!
(10.16.13 03:04 PM)
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While visiting Utah in July I booked a few mini-portrait sessions and I was ever DELIGHTED by the clients that booked me! Some of them I've already shot in the past, and some new, what a FUN experience each one was!

I'm thinking about possibly announcing a few mini session dates in Southern California this October, so please stay posted for this!!!

One specific couple that booked a mini-session was the lovely Jet and her wonderful husband may remember them from a few years back when I shot portraits of them in their wedding attire a few weeks before they were to be married. Anyway, I LOVED every minute of hanging out and photographing these two! Fingers crossed I get to work with them again as their family grows!;)

*Shot in Heber City, Utah
pj_blog003.jpgpj_blog004.jpgpj_blog005.jpgpj_blog006.jpgpj_blog007.jpgpj_blog008.jpgJet is perfectly photogenic!! Love this pic of her!
pj_blog009.jpgpj_blog010.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
I'll be posting more mini sessions soon, can't wait to show these off!
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Julia said:
Such a gorgeous setting! I love how the mountains make the feeling so majestic and romantic!
(09.10.13 10:09 AM)
Calgary Photographer said:
Super cute couple! I love the shot where they are sitting on the log together.
(09.11.13 08:21 AM)
Malinda said:
Love this shoot!
(09.13.13 12:53 PM)
Maria said:
Your all images are outstanding. Those are most attractive. Thank you fro the nice images.......
(09.18.13 11:48 PM)
jura said:
I love that black and white photos
(09.19.13 04:20 AM)
Jinnat said:
I like your wedding photography. These are awesome. And also these styles. Thanks a lot for the nice images.
(09.22.13 10:59 PM)
Brandon Scott said:
The wedding looks absolutely beautiful! You captured some great moments!
(09.25.13 05:45 AM)
Portrait retouching said:
Pretty nice pictures.
(09.26.13 05:07 AM)
canvas prints said:
These pictures are so magical. i really like the ones on the beach.
(09.30.13 11:24 AM)
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