Last, but certainly not least....the BEST OF 2012....RINGS!

Truth be told, Justin is the mastermind behind most of these ring shots, I love seeing his creativity come to life in these! We always have fun coming up with different creative ways to photograph the wedding rings! Never will you see us photograph rings inside rose petals, ha-ha! These are our favorite ring shots from 2012!

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Lucie Zeka said:
beautiful as usually
(02.25.13 07:58 PM)
Tumbleweed Photography Studio said:
love the one with the falling confetti. And hello diamonds and Chocolate, pure genius!
(03.01.13 03:20 PM)
Rytis said:
This is kinda inspiring for me, thanks for sharing ;). I loved the sixth photo. It's so elegant and gorgeous! Amazing shots, good work.
(01.14.14 02:17 PM)
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Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I'm SOOOOO excited to feature THE BEST OF 2012....WEDDINGS!!! Every one of our wedding clients were FANTASTIC, and I mean seriously FAN-TAS-TIC!!! Justin and I truly to feel blessed to have worked with such wonderful couples! So here you go, not in order of greatness, just in order of date shot!:)

The last of our "Best of 2012" series will be finished off with our favorite rings shots of the up!
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Shari Hanson said:
so fun! full of energy, color, emotion, ART, warmth, happiness! i love them all! great job on 2012! keep 'em comin' darlin :)
(02.19.13 04:50 PM)
Monica Justesen Photography said:
What a gorgeous collection! So many favorites!
(02.20.13 04:11 AM)
Kate Whitmore said:
You're so flipping good!
(02.20.13 05:58 AM)
Marisa Crider said:
SO much FUN looking through that post!
(02.20.13 01:15 PM)
Keri Lynn Photography said:
Wow, your images are wonderful, very creative and inspirational!
(02.20.13 09:17 PM)
ADAM Coberly said:
What a great year! So many great photos! Excited to see whats next!
(02.21.13 10:57 AM)
jackie said:
LOVE them all Amelia
(02.27.13 10:31 AM)
Tumbleweed Photography Studio said:
Love your photo composition. You have a very creative eye and you get some unique pictures! Love looking at your work.
(03.01.13 03:24 PM)
Mostafizur said:
Wow!!! Excellent photography.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 09:29 PM)
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