Downtown Los Angeles is always a great place for a wedding, especially when it takes place at the Disney Concert Hall, SO many fun lines and backdrops to work with! I really enjoyed the timeless and classic look of Vivian + Young's wedding day!
yv_wed_blog001.jpgVera Wang flats:)
yv_wed_blog002.jpgyv_wed_blog003.jpgyv_wed_blog004.jpgyv_wed_blog005.jpgyv_wed_blog006.jpgyv_wed_blog007.jpgyv_wed_blog008.jpgyv_wed_blog009.jpgyv_wed_blog010.jpgyv_wed_blog011.jpgHair & Make-up by Nicole DeAnne...Vivian looked stunning!
yv_wed_blog014.jpgyv_wed_blog015.jpgyv_wed_blog016.jpgyv_wed_blog017.jpgyv_wed_blog018.jpgyv_wed_blog019.jpgyv_wed_blog020.jpgyv_wed_blog021.jpgyv_wed_blog022.jpgyv_wed_blog023.jpgyv_wed_blog024.jpgyv_wed_blog025.jpgyv_wed_blog026.jpgyv_wed_blog027.jpgyv_wed_blog028.jpgyv_wed_blog029.jpgyv_wed_blog030.jpgyv_wed_blog031.jpgyv_wed_blog032.jpgyv_wed_blog033.jpgyv_wed_blog034.jpgyv_wed_blog035.jpgyv_wed_blog036.jpgyv_wed_blog037.jpgyv_wed_blog038.jpgMy favorite item of the day: the Jenga game blocks for the guests to sign, brilliant!
yv_wed_blog039.jpgyv_wed_blog040.jpgyv_wed_blog041.jpgyv_wed_blog042.jpgyv_wed_blog043.jpgyv_wed_blog045.jpgyv_wed_blog046.jpgyv_wed_blog047.jpgyv_wed_blog048.jpgyv_wed_blog049.jpgyv_wed_blog050.jpgyv_wed_blog051.jpgyv_wed_blog052.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
yv_wed_blog058.jpgyv_wed_blog059.jpgyv_wed_blog060.jpgyv_wed_blog061.jpgyv_wed_blog062.jpgSo fun that they had a ping pong table to keep the kids and guest entertained!
yv_wed_blog063.jpgyv_wed_blog064.jpgyv_wed_blog065.jpgAnyone remember Elaine + Aram circa 2008?! I keep seeing their beautiful faces at weddings  because they've told so many of their friends about us, LOVE them and had to take a pic with them for old time's sake!:) 
Click here to view Vivian + Young's wedding day slideshow!
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Jason said:
Those are some pretty awesome photos! My Sister found a nice wedding photographer in Cincinnati I have been very interested in becoming a photographer for about a year, and this has given me a few ideas Thanks!
(05.14.13 05:33 PM)
sharon said:
love the ones of her veil blowing :)
(05.15.13 08:43 AM)
Tre said:
Just Beautiful!
(06.05.14 07:25 PM)
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It's always fun to photograph a new little bunch, just like the Wu family! They celebrated their son's first birthday with this shoot and I loved every minute of it watching them play and care for this cute toddler!
wu_familyblog0001.jpgwu_familyblog0002.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Hands down, the best part about this business is that you get to be with happy people EVERY time you work!:)
wu_familyblog0005.jpgwu_familyblog0006.jpgwu_familyblog0007.jpgwu_familyblog0008.jpgToddler kisses are the best! LOL!

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Malinda said:
Love how you captured the sweet and fun interactions between this family! The REAL moments are the BEST!
(05.02.13 10:57 AM)
Heather Hamer said:
Cute family. I really love the first silhouette photo. Beautiful!
(05.06.13 02:36 PM)
Graphics Clipping Path said:
Wow! Cute family. Very nice! Looking great!!
(11.08.13 08:30 PM)
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