This is truly one of my favorite "beach" engagement sessions! I don't mind shooting at the beach as long as there is a pier to work with to add some other element to the sand, water, and sun!
vy_eng014.jpgvy_eng015.jpgvy_eng016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Malinda said:
Gorgeously done Amelia! Love, love your work:)
(03.20.13 09:18 AM)
Katie Metka said:
just beautiful! I love the pier photos, you're right, it does add interest to beach photos! love your use of light too!
(03.20.13 10:14 AM)
Erika said:
Wow! Love these. You are amazing! :)
(03.20.13 12:59 PM)
Bridal Makeup Mumbai said:
Nice Post....Amazing photo shoot. Such beautiful place choose for wedding. Great job!
(03.22.13 01:49 AM)
Nathan said:
(03.22.13 09:49 PM)
Alana said:
LOVE these!
(03.23.13 07:56 PM)
John said:
Nice subjects, nice light and a good photographer can make such nice photos. Well done!
(03.24.13 07:27 AM)
Ashraf said:
Lovely & Nice ...
(03.24.13 11:19 AM)
mandii said:
that boat shot!!!! so innovative and smart and surprising. love it ! ! ! !
(03.26.13 07:48 AM)
Chicago Wedding Photographer said:
really nice set! I like the variety of locations and backgrounds. I think a lot of photographers forget how important the backdrop is. I really love the big window in the first shot. keep up the good work!
(03.27.13 09:55 AM)
jf parungao said:
wow your photo is amazing. I like the most is in the beach beside the sun sets
(03.27.13 10:53 PM)
Ashraf said:
Awesome Photography & all nice mood. I'm loving it
(04.02.13 03:29 AM)
Sydney Wedding Photographer said:
Amazing work with light and shadows! Love it.
(04.06.13 04:49 AM)
francis said:
good to see you cranking it up again.. this session is classic amelia lyon. i love how you always find ways to be creative... always looking and pushing.. The boat lit up: wow! Hope all is well!
(04.16.13 04:00 PM)
rog said:
still killing it omg holy frick my gosh what the heck yes!
(05.04.13 10:10 PM)
Wkręty nierdzewne said:
Wow, I'm impressed. Great photoes!
(06.03.13 04:12 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Nice Collection.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 08:04 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Great collection.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 09:16 AM)
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Trisha + Justin's wedding was R-A-D...RAD!!! Truly, it was fantastic! The entire wedding took place out in the deserts of Indio on the grounds of the Empire Polo Club where the annual Coachella Festival is held! 

Both Trisha + Justin have worked Coachella for the past 11 years in marketing and production, and the desert remains their favorite place to be, so it was a no-brainer when deciding where they wanted to hold their wedding day!
I've been holding out on featuring this wedding on my blog because I submitted it first to Green Wedding Shoes for a feature, I knew this wedding would be perfect fit there! I was so happy that it got picked up, be sure to check out the post on the Green Wedding Shoes blog with more details given by Trisha the bride!

"BEST DAY EVER" and my favorite detail of the day!
Confetti CONFETTI everywhere during the recessional!
My favorite shot of the day!
It was our first time working with the lovely ladies of Hello Gem! I LOVED the design work they did here! I hope to work with them again in the near future!
CLICK HERE for more images from Trisha + Justin's wedding!
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Amanda Pomilla said:
OMG. The shot with the couple behind the heart name tags, and the confetti shots, LOVE. GORGEOUS, girl. It's just gorgeous.
(03.09.13 09:01 AM)
NET said:
Pictures look amazing !
(03.09.13 02:39 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
What a rad wedding! The confetti is incredible! Beautiful work, as always, Amelia. :)
(03.10.13 12:02 PM)
Andrew at Lightworks Photography said:
That confetti shot is amazing! It's surprisingly difficult to get confetti and smiling faces but you have done a fantastic job!
(03.12.13 01:03 PM)
canvas print said:
what a fantastic time you guy had. i so loved checking out your wonderful photography images here as they look totally amazing.
(03.18.13 11:53 AM)
Susanne Ashby said:
I LOVE your work, Amelia! Every image is a work of art!
(03.18.13 06:22 PM)
Drew said:
I was just catching up on your blog and realized these are my new neighbors!!! So random!
(11.04.13 02:14 PM)
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